Technical data

Measuring PrinciplePressure switch
CharacteristicIntelligent pressure switch with capacitive sensor, long term stable and abrasion resistant
Supply voltage10...30 VDC
Reference Accuracy0.5 %,
Platinum: 0.3 %
Long term stability0.2 % of URL/year
Process temperature-25 °C....+100 °C
(-13 °F....+212 °F)
Ambient temperature-20 °C...+70 °C
(-4 °C...+158 °F)
Measuring cell+100 mbar....+40 bar
(+1.5 psi....600 psi)
Max. overpressure limit60 bar (900 psi)
Process connectionThreads:
G1/4, G1/2,
MNPT1/4, MNPT1/2,
JIS R1/2

Communication1x PNP switch
2x PNP switch
1x PNP switch +
4...20mA analogue
Design approvalsEN 10204-3.1 Final inspection report
Cleaned from oil and grease
Cleaned for oxygen applications
Set min alarm

SpecialitiesDigital display