Technical data

Continuous / Liquids
Measuring PrincipleLevel radar
Characteristic / Application- Simple applications in Water & Wastewater
- Utility applications in all industries
- Easy storage tanks

SpecialitiesBluetooth® commissioning,
Operation and maintenance via SmartBlue App
Supply / Communication2-wire (4…20 mA)
Bluetooth® wireless technology and App
FrequencyK-band (~26 GHz)
Accuracy+/- 5 mm (0,2")
Process temperature-40…+60°C
Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit-1…3 bar (-14,50…43 psi)
Main wetted partsPVDF, PBT
Process connectionThread:
G1", NPT1"; G1 1/2", NPT1 1/2"
Max. measurement distance8 m
CommunicationBluetooth® wireless technology
Certificates / ApprovalsCSA C/US

OptionsFlooding protection tube
Different mounting possibilities
Application limitsDK < 4:
Turbulent surfaces:
Ammoniacal gas phase:
FMR54 in stilling well;
Strong build-up formation:
FMR54 with air purge; Only PTFE resistant:
Custody transfer measurement:
FMR5xx or NMR8x