Technical data

Measuring PrincipleGlass electrode
ApplicationHygienic and sterile applications, process
CharacteristicCIP/SIP and autoclavable - high accuracy - biocompatibility of the gel inside - version upside-down installation available - pressurized reference (6 bar) Pt-disc as additional ORP element. rH measurment and control of the reference impedance.
Measurement rangepH 0-14
Measuring principle- ceramic diaphragm - Ion trap
Design- All shaft lengths with temperature sensor - advanced gel technology - digital electrode with Memosens technology
Materialglass / ceramic
DimensionDiameter: 12 mm (0.46 inch)
Shaft lengths: 120, 225, 360 and 425 mm
(4.68, 8.77, 14.04 and 16,57 inch)
Process temperature-15°C ... 140°C
(5°F - 284°F)
Process pressuremax. 13 bar
(188 psi)depends on selected version
Temperature sensorNTC 30k
ConnectionInductive, digital connection head with Memosens technology.
Ingres protectionIP68