Technical data

Measuring PrincipleISFET sensor
Application- process applications - non-glass, break-proof - low temperatures - min. conductivity >500µS/cm - emulsions, suspensions, organic solvents
Characteristic- rapid response at low temperatures - stabilised gel insensitive to contamination - lower amount of maintenance required than with glass - overhead installation
Measurement rangepH 0-14
Measuring principle- open aperture - double gel reference
Design- all shaft lengths with temperature sensor - advanced gel technology
MaterialPEEK / metal oxide / Perfluorelastomere
DimensionDiameter: 12 mm (0.46 inch)
Shaft lengths: 120, 225, 360 and 425 mm
(4.68,8.77,14.04 and 16,57 inch)
Process temperaturemax. 110°C
Process pressuremax. 10 bar
(145 psi)
Temperature sensorOptional with integrated Pt1000.
Ex certificationATEX
ConnectionTop68 connection head
Ingres protectionIP68