Technical data

ORP / Redox
Measuring PrincipleSensor ORP / Redox
ApplicationStandard applications in process and environment. Long-term monitoring, processes with little changes.
CharacteristicVery robust, heavy-duty / high pressure, integrated potential matching.
Measurement range-1500 mV to +1500 mV
Measuring principleGel compact electrode with teflon diaphragm and double gel reference
Measuring part as gold-pin or platinum-ring.
DesignAll shaft lengths with temperature sensor
Advanced gel technology
MaterialGlass electrode with PTFE diaphragm and gold pin or platinum ring.
DimensionDiameter: 12 mm (0.46 inch)
Shaft lengths: 120, 225, 360 and 425 mm
(4.68, 8.77, 14.04 and 16,57 inch)
Process temperaturemax. 135°C (274°F)
Process pressuremax. 16bar (230psi)
Ex certificationSimple operational device, no certification necessary.
ConnectionTOP68 connection head
Ingres protectionIP68
Additional certificationsBiocompatibility acc. ISO 10993-5 and USP (current version).
TÜV certificate for pressure resistance with min. triple overpressure safety.