Technical data

Measuring PrinciplePotentiometric / ISE
CharacteristicOnline measurement of nutrient parameters Ion-selective electrode system for the continuous measurement of ammonium and nitrate
Sizediameter 75mm , (2.95inch)
immersion depth 510mm , (20,1 inch)
DesignIon-selective electrode(s) for ammonium and/or nitrate, potassium or chloride
pH - (Reference) electrode
Ion-selective electrode for compensating cross-interference
Temperature sensor

Process temperature2°C ... 40°C
(36 ...100°F)
Ambient temperature-20°C ... 50°C
Process pressure400 mbar (160 inH2O) max. permitted overpressure
Applicationwaste water
Measurement rangeAmmonium: 0.1 to 1000 mg/l (NH4-N)
• Nitrate: 0,1 to 1000 mg/l (NO3-N)
• Potassium: 1 to 1000 mg/l
• Chloride: 1 to 1000 mg/l