Technical data

ORP / Redox
Measuring PrincipleSensor ORP / Redox
ApplicationFlotation, leaching, neutralization, outlet monitoring
CharacteristicResistent against electrolyte poisoning and dirt repellent gel-electrode including process connection NPT 3/4"
Measurement range-1500mV to +1500mV
Measuring principleGel-compact electrode with double chamber reference system, potassium nitrate bridge electrolyte and PTFE-diaphragm, platinum ring
DesignCompact electrode in PPS housing with NPT3/4" process connection
Material Housing: PPS
ORP electrode: platinum ring
Double chamber reference system: KNO3 and KCl/AgCl
DimensionDiameter: 22 mm (0.87 inch)
Length: 150 mm (5.91 inch)
Process temperature0 to 80 °C (32 to 170 °F)
Process pressure1 to 10 bar abs at 80 °C
(15 to 145 psi abs at 176 °F)
Temperature sensorNTC
Ex certification(optional) FM IS NI Cl. I Div.1&2, Groups A-D
ConnectionProcess connection: NPT 3/4"
Memosens plug
Ingress protectionIP 68