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Technical Information (TI)
1. iTHERM ModuLine TM121
Metric version with basic technology for all standard applications.
Insert replaceable without process interruption
2. Levelflex FMP51
Technical Information

Guided wave radar
3. iTHERM ModuLine TM101
Metric version with basic technology, non-replaceable insert for all
standard applications
4. iTHERM ModuLine TM111
Easy-to-use metric version with outstanding RTD or TC sensor technology
5. CCS120D
Informações técnicas

MultiSens Bundle TMS31

Metallic flexible rope multipoint for silos and storage tank
7. iTHERM TT131
Technical Information

Welded thermowell for a variety of industrial applications
8. Micropilot FMR20
Modbus RS485
Technical Information

Free space radar
9. Liquiphant FTL33 IO- Link
Technical Information

Point level switch for liquids
10. Liquiphant FTL31 IO-Link
Technical Information

Point level switch for liquids
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