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Industry Solutions (SO)
1. Competences brochure for the life sciences industry
Competences brochure for the life sciences industry. This industry
brochure gives an
overview of ourportfolio based on our Industry Value Proposition.
11/18 English
2. Global offering for the Life Sciences industry
American Version: Innovation & compliance
05/14 English
3. SO00202L/99/KO/03.18 생명과학 산업 국문 브로셔
SO00202L/99/KO/03.18 Korean version of Life science brochure
07/19 Korean
4. Competenze Life Science: come conseguire l'eccellenza operativa
Monitoriamo il polso dell'industria farmaceutica
11/18 Italian
5. Catálogo industria Life Science
El pulso de las ciencias de la vida. Alcance la excelencia operativa.
11/18 Spanish
6. Offre globale pour les industries des Sciences de la vie
Innovation et conformité
08/14 French
7. Pharma-Industrie
Messtechnik für die Prozesse der Life Sciences Branche
Innovation und Compliance
07/14 German
8. 生命科学
05/14 Chinese