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Competence Brochure (CP)
1. EtherNet/IP
Nutzen Sie native Anlagenvernetzung
11/16 Deutsch
2. EtherNet/IP
Take advantage of native plant connectivity
11/16 Englisch
3. EtherNet/IP
Leveraging instrument information to enterprise level

Highlights EtherNet/IP offers:
• Integrated web server for easy configuration and fast troubleshooting.
• Detailed data availablewithin control system I/O trees.
• Immediate device recognition as a network node.
• Predictive maintenance support by providing reliable diagnostic data
according to NAMUR NE 107.
• System integration file (EDS) directly uploadable from the device.
• FDT/DTMtechnology for extended device configuration, asset
information, and calibration management.
• Endress+Hauser’s EtherNet/IP devices are all ODVA certified.
10/16 Englisch
4. EtherNet/IP

Rendre disponible l'ensemble des informations provenant de
l'instrumentation de terrain à tous les niveaux de l’entreprise
12/14 Französisch